The Abyssinian is one of the smartest and popular cat breeds in the U.S. and is thought to be the Border collie of the cat world. Known for its unique fur and its country-wide popularity, the Abyssinian cat has become a happy addition to numerous homes and seems to be poised to arrive at many more.


This cat’s origins remain unclear. There are claims that it was the cat of the pharaohs, and that it was created in Britain by crossing silver and brown tabbies with cats that had “ticked” coats. Today, genetic evidence suggests that the cats originated from Indian Ocean coastal regions and parts of Southeast Asia although its name originates from Ethiopia. British traders may well have brought the cats from ports such as Calcutta, India, or the islands of Indonesia. The different ticking pattern on the coat of the Abyssinian reminded people of the camouflage pattern on the coat of the wild rabbit.
The breed itself was highly popular, and Abyssinian cats were soon being bred throughout the United States, Canada, and entire Europe. This popularity confirmed to be the salvation of the breed as the two world wars almost decimated the breed in Europe. New Abyssinians were imported, and the breed continued.


The Abyssinian is average looking when considered in all aspects with soft planes on her head. There is a gentle dip on the triangular head, and her large ears sit tilted forward on her head. This gives her an alert, aware look about her as if she is always paying attention to everything. Her eyes, which look large on her face, show the alertness and intelligence inherent in the breed.

The coat on the Abyssinian is short and has tufts of hair in her ears. The coloring of the Abyssinian is exceptional. The bulk of the fur has bands of color on each hair with the coat looking darker along the spine line. The color of her body softens and lightens under the neck and the underside of the cat and the insides of her legs.


The Abyssinian is an excellent breed of cat for people who have the time to spend with one. They don’t require much grooming because they’ve short, dense coats and they’re very low-maintenance cats. Abyssinians are playful and smart. If you’re in need of a lap cat, look elsewhere! But if you have the time you can play and teach him tricks to keep your cat happy and avoid the destructive behavior that comes with a bored cat. This breed doesn’t do well in confined spaces or small apartments. A big house with lots of room to enable him to roam is ideal. Furthermore, they like to escape and explore the world, an escape-proof space is essential!


Abyssinians are social cats that enjoy lots of company. This can be achieved by having another cat or pet around when human companions are not at home. By maintaining external stimulation and engaging these intelligent and beautiful cats, you can guarantee a world of entertainment for your cat and your family.

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