There are many breeds of a cat of which the cat behavior, personality, and appearance vary widely. Cat lovers must bear in mind that both genetics and environment affect the development of an animal thereby making it challenging to be sure how a particular breed of cat will respond to humans and his environment. However, a cat’s general behavior and attitude are comparable to the individual who owns it. Thankfully, once your cat receives love, attention, and respect, the cat will do well.

Focusing on the RAGDOLL CATS, they’re beautiful cats whose lifespan is between 12 to 17 years, able to learn quickly and pick up tricks with a good behavior such as using a scratching post.


Ragdolls are considered to be the younger siblings in the family of cat breeds. It was first born by a breeder, Ann Baker in Riverside, California, in 1960. The first set of breed Baker had was from a cross-matching of domestic longhair white coated cats whose genes are either a seal mitted or black tuxedo pattern with other longhaired cats that she owned or picked from her neighborhood that are large in size, gentle, with beautiful long coats that are characterized by a Himalayan pattern. Baker gave her discovery the name, “Ragdoll” because of its habit of gently cuddling into the arms of whoever carries it. Breeds like Persians, Burmese, and Birman cats have all contributed to the development of Ragdoll cats. The cat is now recognized as a breed having fully being registered in 2000 by the Cat Fanciers Association.

General Features

Ragdolls are large sized domesticated cats with a medium longed coat that has a pointed pattern as well as sparkling blue eyes. For females, they usually weigh between 10 to 15 pounds while the male counterpart weighs more than 20 pounds. Their bodies are light colored but with a dark face, legs, tail, and ears. Ragdolls can be seen in three patterns, either on mitted, bicolor (both has white addition), or color-point (no white addition). It takes about three to four years before Ragdolls reach their full size and coat development. As for their heads, they have equal length with a gently rounded muzzle which is supported by a strong neck on a large and long body that is broad, solid, and heavy bones. You cannot fail but notice their vivid blue oval eyes as well as medium-sized ears with rounded tips that tilt forward. Also, Ragdolls have a heavy-boned leg that is not so long where the hind leg is longer than the front leg. Last but not the least is their paws that are well filled with fur and a beautiful wave-like tail.

What makes them unique (personality) – You cannot hold and cuddle most cats as you can with Ragdolls. They’re very gentle, friendly with people, like staying around people, and will easily leap into a bed if you so desire. They’re also very active because they can play around with toys and do learn to answer when they are called. They just love family set-up and can easily use a small sweet voice to notify you of mealtime or when they want to be petted. Ragdolls are just too lovely to live with, possess good manners, and would prefer to stay close to people where they are loved.

Who should own one? Ragdolls are perfectly suited to families and children. They can play and rarely extend their claws while playing and doesn’t mind being with the owner at any point in time or any play. Children can tag along with male Ragdolls because of the size but should be taught how to carry them with good support.


Ragdolls are just that cat that every lover of cat would want to have. They’re beautiful, smart and can pick up funny tricks with good behavior. They can also live with other pets and cat-friendly dogs in a controlled environment because of their gentle nature.

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