This is perhaps the world’s most bizarre feline; the Sphynx cat has a unique hairless look that sets it apart from other cats. It’s a rare and unusual breed of cat. These cats need special care, but all the extra time and effort you devote to taking care of this breed of cat will be well worth it. Their loving, playful and curious nature makes them a beautiful cat to have around and call your own.


Sphynx cats are a relatively new breed of cats and get its name from the ancient Great Sphinx of Giza. The Sphynx cat is an example of the cat breeds that came into existence accidentally. The Sphynx cat first came to be well-known in Canada around 1966 when a hairless kitten was given birth to by a domestic cat in Toronto as a result of natural genetic mutation. Since then, cats with the mutation were bred giving rise to this special breed. Around 1970 the line vanished due to reports that the mutation caused breathing difficulties and health issues in the cats. But this did not bring an end to this breed. After many years of careful breeding, now Sphynx cats are a varied and genetically sound breed, though still rare. In 2002, the Cat Fancier’s Association accepted the cat breed for competition in the Championship Class. Originally known as Canadian Hairless Cats, according to The International Cat Association, breeders eventually settled on the moniker Sphynx for the unusual breed.


The most visible feature of the Sphynx cat is its lack of hair. Although they are known as the “hairless” cats, they have warm peach fuzz fur on their bodies, especially on their nose, toes, and tail. The hard, muscular body of the Sphynx can be smooth or covered with a beautiful, soft down. They may or may not have eyebrows and whiskers. They’ve long, lean bodies and a rounded abdomen. They possess characteristically large triangular ears, large paw pads and their tail is long and slender. The skin of a Sphynx cat is wrinkled, and they come in a variety of colors and patterns, including Siamese point patterns. The Sphynx cat comes in all colors and patterns, including white, black, chocolate, red, lavender, various tabby patterns, tortoiseshell, calico, bicolor, and pointed and mink patterns. An adult Sphynx cat can weigh about 8 to 15 pounds. The male cats can be up to 25% bigger than their female counterparts.


Sphynx cats love attention because he draws it wherever he goes. He will do anything for a laugh, and that makes him easy to handle by veterinarians or anyone else, and it’s not unusual for a Sphynx to be a therapy cat since he is so fond of meeting people. Sphynx cats are meant to be indoors because they’re vulnerable to the sun and cold. So outdoor exposure should be limited, but they may be taken outside on occasion if the weather is right for them and with good supervision.


This is extremely a social cat. If you’re gone during the day, the Sphynx will enjoy having a friend (another cat or even a dog). He likes the company and, equally likes having someone to snuggle with so that he stays warm. He prefers to be held, and you can expect him to sleep with you, most likely under the covers. Think of it as having a living hot water bottle.

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