Providing your cat with routine health care, particularly preventive health care, will allow your feline friend lives longer and more comfortable life. However, this cannot happen unless you visit a veterinarian routinely. Most cats dislike going to the veterinarian, and that usually starts with the challenge of getting your cat into the carrier. If you can master this, the entire veterinary visit will be less stressful.


Cats are familiar with their environment and need time to adjust to an unfamiliar area. So, if the carrier is not an object in her normal environment, your cat does need time to become familiar with it. Cats probably associate carrier with visits to the veterinarian’s office which is probably not their favorite place. Respect your cat’s need for time to become familiar with new situations, people, and places. Cats can sense our anxiety or frustrations, which may cause them to become fearful or anxious.

Below are a few tips to make sure the visit to a more pleasant experience

  • Bring out the carrier out a few days ahead so that your cat can become used to it. Ensure the door of the crate is open so that they can explore with it.
  • Spray the interior with a synthetic feline pheromone product. These products have been shown to prevent and decrease stress in cats and also decrease tension.
  • Use lots of treats. Put some your cat’s favorite treats inside the carrier. Try putting treats inside your cat carrier so that your cat associates the carrier with a positive experience.
  • Make the carrier more inviting by placing a cozy blanket from home and favorite toys inside. Putting familiar objects inside will make the carrier more inviting and less foreign.
  • You can embark on mock trips to the vet with your cat. Practice makes perfect. Even if you just a few minutes’ drive, the goal of this practice is to enable your cat get accustomed to being in a carrier and a car. For most cats, the car trip to the vet is a frightening experience and can set the stage for a stressful encounter at the vet.
  • Finally, if all these fail, consider having your veterinarian come to you. Many cats that come unglued at their vet’s office feel more confident at home and do much better on their home turf.


No one likes to visit a doctor and cats are no exception. However, we go to the doctor because we know these visits are essential. Routine examinations are essential because your veterinarian can pick-up the early signs of disease, which is especially important in cats since they are very good at hiding illness, and also discuss preventative care. By following these tips, visits to the vet will hopefully be less stressful, and your feline friend will live a healthy life.

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